Rules & Regulations
1. Admission is open to full time students. Preference will be given to out station students.
2. The application form completed in all respects should be submitted to the Office of the Director (Admin) / Estate officer on any working day during office hours.
3. Admission to the PG will be cancelled if incomplete or false information is furnished.
4. Admission will be valid for any academic year only, i.e, 15th june to 15th may, every year.
5. Students are required to give their consent about continuing the PG facilities in the new year, when asked by the authorities.
6. PG fee for the next academic year is required to be paid in the month of April.
7. SAFE reserves its right to cancel admission of un-deserving students without giving any reason.
8. SAFE reserves its right to increase the PG fee, if necessary.
9. SAFE will not be responsible for any mishap.
10. Students residing in the PG managed by SAFE shall strictly observe all the Rules and Regulations in force from time to time. Breach of rules / regulation may invite rustication / fine.
11. During their stay in the PG they will be under the control of the Officials of SAFE / Rector.
12. Smoking, consumption of alcoholic drinks and spitting is strictly prohibited in the PG premises.
13. Every student shall be in his/her PG by 11 p.m. If he/she has to stay out after the said timing owing to any special reason, he/she must obtain prior permission from the Director (Admin) / Rector. The application for leave of absence from the PG shall be made in writing through dean to the Director / (Admin) and his/her permission shall be obtained. Late entry without prior permission will invite penalty / rustication.
14. Every case of illness and accident must be reported immediately to the Director (Admin).
15. No function or celebration shall be organized except with the permission of the Director (Admin)
16. Resident students are not permitted to convene any meeting of any sort.
17. No poster should be put up any where, either in rooms or lobbies.
18. Students are not allowed to play any kind of sports in the room.
19. Throwing of water colour etc. on one another and on the walls / property of the PG is strictly prohibited.
20. Student suffering from any contagious diseases will not be allowed to stay in the PG. Decision of the Director (Admin) in this regard will be final and binding
21. Every student shall keep the room allotted to him clean and neat. He/She shall take proper care of the furniture and fixtures handed over to him/her. The PG authorities have the right to enter and inspect the rooms at any time, even in the absence of students.
22. All matters relating to differences among student and complaints about the PG servants shall be brought to the notice of the director (Admin), who will take such action as may be necessary. No police complaint will be lodged by the students before taking prior permission from the Director (Admin).
23. Students are expected to switch off the lights and fans In their rooms every time they go out and take precautions to economize electricity consumption.
24. Charges for any damages to the property as well as to the furniture and fixtures caused by a student/student's negligible will be recovered from the student/students staying in the said flat (room).
25. Students should not drive nails, screws etc. into the wall or doors. No repairs shall be done by the students themselves. They should approach the Director (Admin) who will arrange for repairs.
26. PG is meant only for the use of bonafide students of that particulars PG. Visitors are not allowed to enter any room.
27. The PG Authorities do not hold themselves responsible to the safe custody of the property of the students staying in the PG. Students should lock their wardrobes and rooms properly and take of their belongings. They should not leave the key of the room lying around anywhere.SAFE will not be responsible for the loss of personal belongings of the students.
28. Before leaving the PG, a student must pay all dues and hand over the charges of the room and other material in satisfactory.
29. If any student is found misbehaving and misconducting herself/himself, he/she will be expelled from the PG immediately and the fees paid by his/her will be forfeited.
30. Permission must be sought and obtained, if night outs (only from parent/parents/local guardian) are desired from PG in charge, 2 days in advance.
31. No music system is allowed In PG.
32. Any complaint (indecent behavior) from the neighbours/society will result in severe action
33.PG is expected to be vacated with luggage every summer vacation.